Hey there,

I’ve been working out for many years now and have been present on social media for just as long. All the Photos and videos I’ve made and comments I’ve received allowed me to interact with my fans and especially to understand people’s fitness needs and what they are looking for…

For many years I’ve studied workout systems and tried out different training plans to perfect what’s already out there. I’ve gathered a lot of experience and have achieved a lot of goals and personal progress.

And because I Got so many positive feedback from my followers i decided its time to give something back to you!

8 Weeks Plan
- Training AND Nutrition Plans - Reducing body fat and increase muscle mass - Calorie deficit, outdoor training, six-pack training, abdominal training - Reducing weight by the decisive 5kg for the beach figure
Price59 €
Coming Soon
- Training plan AND Nutrition Plans - 8 weeks plan to build up desired muscle mass - Calorie surplus and weight gain - Guaranteed to gain 4 kg of pure muscle!
Price59 €
Coming Soon
- Training AND Nutrition Plans - Reduction of body fat - Critical zones focus to improve Po-shape - Calorie deficit - Improvement of bikini figure!
Price59 €
Coming Soon
– Training AND Nutrition Plans – Increase overall strength – Learn how to lift heavier weights – Get more stretching power in your muscles! – Customer tips 24/7 through Email
Price59 €

How to proceed

Step 1 – Choose your Plan and Pay via Paypal.


Step 2 (applicable to “Personal Plan”) – You receive and email with a bundle of questions that reflects your personal situation: current body constitution, work, meal organisation, personal life. You answer the questions and send them to me.


Step 3 – I create your plan with using your answers.


Step 4 – You start using the plans and change your life!


Step 5 – We stay in touch via my personal Email to monitor your progress in case you need help or have additional concerns or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I do workout at home. Can I use your workout plans?

    To use my workout plans its important to be a member in a gym.

  • I have no idea how to prepare me healthy meals. Can you help me?

    Yes. I explain easy to understand even for beginners how to prepare meals that reflect your personal needs.

  • I work during the night. Can I use your plans?

    Of course. The adaptation to your personal needs I will explain to you after purchasing your plans.

  • I am 18 years old and work out now for 3 month. Can you help me?

    This is a perfect age to start seriously with your workout. Just buy your plans and I show you how to grow.

  • In what Languages are the plans available?

    Plans are available in English, German and French.

  • Do you give 1 on 1 Personal training?

    In my hometown Cologne Personal training is possible. 60 Euro/Session. Payable in advance via Paypal.

  • Can I pay with my credit card?

    Payments are only possible via Paypal at the moment.