My Program

Made for you

  • Why?
  • Who?
  • Where?

Because you deserve to look good and not only dream of it. But more importantly, because YOU CAN!


The Mindset is critical to achieve what you want and reading this already proves you’re in the right path.


All that is left to do is for you to DECIDE you want to go through with this and as soon as you contact/meet with me, your life will change forever!


Every person with a healthy/perfect body started from scratch which means that it isn’t impossible. It certainly is difficult thought, but the best things in life never come easy, and i’ll be there to guide you through your endeavour…

Anyone, no matter their sex, age, size or weigh, can start their way towards a better life thanks to a better health and body which I’ll help them achieve.


Are you older than 40 years? Check yourself up by doctor and let’s help you feel and look younger!


The results will decide of the pace and the type of your first workout but we will write the rest together!


Are you younger than 40 Years? and you are no feeling fit? Let us do something about that and help you reach your full potential!


The only thing standing in your way is YOU.

My Homebase is Cologne, but I’m also available in dusseldorf and Krefeld in select Gyms.

I could even be available at a location of your own choosing for extra fees.

Check my Locations here and if it’s not close to you, contact me to work something out!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my beginning turn out well?

    The first step is done already, due to the fact, you are reading this.

    Just come over to workout with me, eat healthier and have fun !

  • When will I start to see changes?

    After two moth you will recognize the difference. Hide your scale and take your mirrors down. Don’t get discouraged after a few days. Success is written by those with staying power.

  • How often do we have to workout ?

    Three times a week is a useful amount of workouts. I see you on a regular basis, control the quality of your workouts, can give you tips and every muscle group is trained at least once a week. More weekly workouts are always possible, less are not useful.

  • How goes the training session?

    First part is always warming up. Therefor you do aerobic training ( cycling, crosstrainer … ) and an abdominal workout. After this I guide your workout.

    You will never be alone, I am always staying behind you, control your workout execution. That minimize your risk of injury. At the end of every workout stands a feedback. Nutrition, Sports and all the other important stuff for you will be mentioned.

  • How goes the first training session?

    The first workout session is important for both of us.

    I ask you , how your performance is, how your body shape is right now. I ask for your goals. After this, the workout is done. I see, how you act, how your performance is in fact ( is there a difference between Self–assessment and reality ) and how your body reacts on the workout.

    Both on this I can evaluate your next weeks workout program.

    You can ask all of your questions and you see, who the training goes.

    Listen to you and see what is possible.