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Bodybuilding: For bigger muscles, to sculpture every single muscle exactly as you wish. To increase musclepower. In the gym.

Endurance Workout: For a better fitness, for dieting, for strengthening of heart and circulation. In the gym, a gymnasium or outdoor.

Full body workout: With just one workout a week get the entiry body trained. In case of lack of time of the client. In the gym.

Circuitworkout: For a better fitness and more musclepower, well suited for little time, length is one hour, frequency is 1 or 2 times a week, after long absence from sports, couplewise possible. In the gym, the gymnasium or outdoor

Dumbbell workout: For advanced athletes, to get a better coordination of the single muscles. To achieve gains in the case of growingstagnation. Includes all kinds of barbells and dumbbells.

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