Terms and Conditions


Terms ans Conditions


Due to the fact that my programs are exploitable upon reception and that the effort invested in making them is not recoverable, you agree that by buying/ordering any of them you do not have the right to ask for a refund as one will not be provided to you under any circumstance.


You also agree to allow enough time to make individualized plans as they’re not sent instantly after payment because they need to be worked on and made in a certain amount of time.


It usually takes around 7 days more or less which is just a reference as every case/personalized plan is different and thus needs different amount of time to make.


You may ask questions about the plan and its ETA but you can not ask for a refund because of the time it takes to make them nor will you get it.


On The other hand Standard plans (for example Summer Shredz) are available instantly after payment.