What some of my clients say about me

“I am Nada, 22 years old. I intended to reduce my bodyweight and to improve my fitness level. So I started with Amin.

He’s training me for three months now. We started with a nutrition plan, which I followed exactly. Three times a week he gave me an intense workout.


As a result I could reduce my bodyweight from 67 kg down to 60 kg. The body fat at my problematic body areas is gone. More than that, i was able to build up muscles and as a side effect I received a tightened skin. In my daily life I have more endurance and power.

Amin, many thanks for your help.”

– Nada

“After lots of cravings for Sweets, daily alcohol drinking and excessive lifestyle I am training with Amin since March 2016.


Due to lots of disciplin I received a new body! Well thought workouts, a simple, but effective nutritionplan and constant motivation did bring me success.


Hey trainer, you are the coolest, the strongest are you anyway.”


– Oliver

“I was never really happy with my body and i did not have enough ambition to workout really hard.


My Goal was not to loose weight, but to build up some muscles and to sculpt my body. I’ve been working out with Amin since april 2016 and i am so happy with the results i was able to reach. He encourages me and pushes me beyond my limits.


That’s what I’ve been missing, someone who prevents me from quitting, supports me, and pushes me beyond my limits. Without him i would’ve never reached this, because i would have been too lazy and now i feel really comfortable with my body”


– Pia

“Self-employed, stressful business, daily working till late, irregular eating, lots of fastfood. Do I have to say more?
I ended up reaching 108 kg for 185 cm, completely unfit and often breathless.
I urgently needed a solution and got it with Amin! He simply pulled me along…
Guided workout four times a week, in the morning, before my work. His special Diet for me was simply amazing!
My result is a 17 kg loss in bodyweight and bulked up muscles. I’m forever grateful to Amin!”


– Lukas